1:1 Mentorship Call

Feeling Confused or stuck in your beauty biz? Feeling lost and not sure what to do next or where to even start?
Well the dolls are here to help...
In this face to face call you will be able to seek guidance and assistance for any position you are in. You will also receive a "How to run a 6 figure beauty Biz" E-book.
Miranda has opened multiple beauty businesses, created product lines & mentored many quickly growing their books in 6 short months! You can do it too, you just have to start.

What are you waiting for? Invest in your future now!

Looking to learn a new craft and build a 6-figure beauty business?

The Dolls are here to help you be the CEO you know you are. Your entire future is in YOUR hands and the opportunity to build that beauty biz is at your finger tips. 

And we have options for you!!!


Next Course Dates:

April 28th

May 12th

June 16th

This course is for any artist looking to learn the newest and most trending technique! Master fan making and the Wet Set! We will cover open, closed and narrow fans. When to use them, how to apply them and why to use them.

You will learn the wet set and how to create wispiness and texture using different fan types and techniques. Including to but not limited to layering techniques, taping techniques, lash shaping and consultations!

Whats included:

Theory and demos

hand on practice & live model work

Content to start or enhance your page

Class kit

Certificate of attendance

One month of online mentorship

Lash artist manual

6-figure mindset ebook

Lifetime support

This class investment is only $600... meaning you can make that back with only 3 clients! It's a no brainer!

This class requires a $200 deposit. $400 remaining at start of class!

Call for afterpay and questions!



Next Class Dates:

May 18-20

June 9-11

This class will cover everything from learning how to do an extremely in depth consultation and perfecting the basics of isolation & placement. Followed by creating the perfect fan using the fan-favorite pinching technique... this portion will go over all fan types. Open/narrow/closed so that you can create endless amounts of texture & looks in your sets!

Day 1 will start with a 6-figure mindset workshop followed by a full theory day where you will learn proper sanitation, infection prevention, aftercare and terminology of lash extensions. You will go in depth on branding and social media. Creating brand identity, creating your instagram portfolio and your brand name.

Day 2 will consist of two models followed by a Q&A

On day 3 you will master how to create wet sets, and textured sets so you can go from a lash technician to a lash artist! Day 3 you will work on your 3rd and final lash model.

By the end of this class you will be well rounded and be able to find your specialty... which will make you stand out as an artist so you are completely booked! Each day you will have a Q&A session, demos and hands on practice!

You are required to bring in 3 of your own models. If you need us to provide models let us know asap!

This class will be kept small scale to esnure you get the attention needed for your success! There will also be multiple educators to ensure you have second sets of eyes, opinionsand learning styles to suite you! 

This training will include: 

Full kit enough for a minimum of 60 clients

Certificate of technique

2 free e-book downloads including our "lash artist manual" and our best selling "how to build a 6-figure beauty business" 

1 mentorship call post class 

Long term help and guidance

Content to start or level-up your beauty biz social media pages


This 3 day class is typically a $2500 investment but for limited time this class investment is only $1600

Aesthetician/cosmetology licenses will not be checked upon arrival.

All payments are final.

Class date unable to be rescheduled.

AFTERPAY AVAILABLE! (Must call to get set up with aterpay)

$250 deposit requied to book

Located in Center City, Allentown PA

please text 4846338249 with questions