Collection: The Daily Doll E-Mags

It’s time to stop dreaming of your 6-figure beauty biz and start living it! Our mission is to show the world you’re MORE than just a pretty face! And what better way than to build that future for yourself! Walk into the room and own it! 

The Daily Doll was created to be a step by step guide in how to run a successful beauty biz! Created for dolls new to the industry or dolls that have been in the industry! Education is key and we’re here to teach you! 

With every weekly issue there will be a new topic! Each issue will be packed with answers to the questions you have been asking yourself day in and day out! Including lash maps, beauty biz cheat codes, and a step by step guide on how to tackle the hardest problems! 

If not now, then when? Your future is only in your hands! You are in control & you have the power to change your life along with your mindset! 

Download now, to live the doll life.